No meds again today! That is good news. The pain is still there but decreased to a point I can stand it and would prefer not to take any medication. Oh, I have been wearing a heart monitor the last 3 days or so. When I was at Dr. Chamian on the 16th, they take all your vital signs. Blood pressure is also low around 100-110 over 60-80. My heart rate was 96. Pretty high for chillin in a seat. At the gym, I would always notice my hert being pretty high on cardio machines. This came about I’d say2 years ago. If I got on a treadmill and ran, my rate would get to 180-190! I thought I was gonna blow up! So, I always stay off it and do the bike or elliptical. That keeps it around 130-150, but I never feel like I am working hard. So, I have come to find in the last 3 days. mY rate fluctuates between 75-95 when sitting. Sometimes it does get higher. Usually in the 80’s though. When I walk or do something it gets between 105-120. The Dr. believes it may be a Thyroid condition which it may, but I think we might have just discovered a new problem though:(