Many hours spent sleeping and resting today. I’ve been really tired again. Although, I did wake up early to go and apply for pre med card from Social Services of Clark County. After 7 hours of waiting before I could see a social worker for 45 mins, I was denied. I had to try though!!! She also informed me that I will probably be denied by Medicaid, SSI, & maybe disability. We’ll see.

Quick note, the social services office, guidelines, regulations, & stipulations across the board need to be drastically updated! People desperately need help and you have to pretty much be at the edge of homeless before they will help. Even if assistance is granted, it seems that the odds for the person in question will still keep them barely being on the streets. IMO from observing.

Dizziness still occurs in me, but for short stints. I noticed it at the dentist where I laid down and stared at a light or kept my eyes closed. I noticed it last night after watching a movie. Both times the dizziness did not last long though. Somewhat tired both times as well.


P.S. Happy b- day Pop and thx for everything!