Nothing has been scheduled today!!!! I have updated the Mayo Clinic page for yesterday and the current plan as of now

11:00 am Pacific Time

I gotta say I am getting quite frustrated today… Nothing is happening for multiple reasons. I found that the MRI is pending because the insurance which won’t pay for it anyway has to clear my Dr, Dr. Aguilar as being creditable. I asked them how we can speed that up which means the Dr. has to call in and state it as stat. Otherwise, it would take the rest of the day and then I would have to wait for it to scheduled at Mayo. That would most certainly move me into next week here. I asked the clinic what the cost is…. just for the MRI it is 14,000! That does not include all the other costs they will have to do the procedure. I.E. an IV.

The apt. with the Cardiologist was canceled because I did not do the TEE yesterday which I have all ready had! So, the Dr. won’t see me. This is Crazy! I am trying to get answers and the workers at Mayo do work diligently, but I am here with my hands in the air now. The MRI has to be done! I’ll then need to meet with Dr. Aguilar to discuss results and my future prognosis. It seems that any heart condition or endocrinology problems I may have may have to wait…

I just don’t know right now and I am forced to continue to wait!

6:30 pm Pacific  Time

I spoke with Dr. Aguilar’s RN several times today! Aetna has not ok’ed  the MRI yet and said they would have it by the end of the day. I can not do anything at this point & may have to leave with out…. maybe come back? I dunno.

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