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Yesterday, I felt a little off and severe dizziness for the first time since days after the hospital. The pain was back in my head , but not quite in the exact same spot but close. I was off and new something wasn’t right. There was a feeling in my head that I was too familiar with and new I needed to speak with somebody. My concentration, comprehension, and focus was lacking  bit as well. I called Mayo and spoke with the nurse in the Neurology dept. & she instructed me to get to an ER which I was reluctent towards of course. I went to the same hospital and got the same sit/down and we’ll get to you kinda of response… That pissed me off cause I new that would be hours and I wasn’t going to wait again this time. Plus it wasn’t severe as last time of course. So, I left and went to another hospital. I had all of docs & tests with me as well. I got in right away and talked to Dr. Anderson. After our conversation and reviewal of my numerous tests, he said that he would do nothing but give me a large bill and that I should go home and take an aspirin. So, I did and that was the end of that. All in all, it lasted about 3 hours. The symptoms that is.

This has me raising red flags and many questions. Dr. Aguilar at Mayo is ready to call this a Vertebral Artery Dissection if there is no proof of a PFO in my heart. The MRI/A I had while I was there showed no evidence though. The body repairs it on its on and it is possible that I was cured. I was ready to accept that because everything I have read in regards to a dissection really fits. TWICE this week though, I had the same symptoms again! Not new ones, but the same ones. These were both due to the position of my head again, but not the same problem position as before. 1st was to the left & I believed that I slept in that position which cause the major onslaught. 2nd, the new one, that I just became aware of is tilting the head back or looking up. These positions are obviously related and I have begun doing new and additional research. I’ll speak with the Mayo Clinic again on Tues. From all of this, I have started a new page on here called Research (there at the top) Feel free to contribute. Thx!

So I lied, not too short!


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