Much of these past days I have spent prepping for my trip back to the StL and Chicago areas for the benefits organized by my great friends. Obviously, I am very excited to see and thank everyone!!! Health wise, I have felt quite well for the most part. I had some sinus headaches which makes me extremely cautious right away! I also noticed some weird weakness & soreness in my left leg. it was just one day and I don’t know if that has any  relation to the other things or not. I try to keep aware of all signs or abnormalities cause I feel it may be something obscure that provides the answers.

Mayo clinic did call to express that I complete the work up ordered by Dr. Aguilar. The new TEE & then a Transcranial Doppler if the TEE is negative. These 2 tests are to see if a PFO is apparent in my heart. They still feel a Vertebral Artery Dissection is the likely cause and diagnosis. I am not willing to accept their diagnosis of Dissection if a PFO is not found which I believe they won’t because of all I have been through. I told them that I disagree and feel that it needs to be looked at harder and more in depth from an unlikely point of view. The new occurrences of dizziness just make it hard for me to believe that there would have been a dissection since it occurred after the MRI/A I did there that showed no evidence of there being a dissection. These symptoms are there and they are not new. The dizziness, as always, is caused directly by the position of my head!!! Why Dr.s do not put the emphasis on that factor like I desire and ask, is beyond me. It is related! 3 strokes now (2 of which are unconfirmed) all with dizziness the main complaint and I direct result of head position. How many more do I have to have before before Dr.s feel that they need to look into this seriously? Also, what type of Dr. would that be?