I am doing much better and noticing more and more about what changes or effects I am faced. I originally thought only my speech was effected in my motor skills- I just talk slow and sometimes forget what I am even chatting about and………Ha. It is usually pretty funny. That part is getting better though. But here is a new one. I sat down and turned on the PS3 to play some Street Fighter for a little bit. It’s like my daily ritual to take a break. 5 mins or 50 mins. I never know what I feel like. I turned this sucker on and loaded it all up. When it started, Man, my eyes and hands couldn’t keep up with anything. It was so fast!!! I couldn’t believe it. That was a realization and eye opener man. I have gotten better at that too, but sometimes my mind wants to do something and my hands are slow in catching/reacting. I have all these 9 year olds talking trash me and telling me I suck in their new generation slang. Man it sucks! I will be up with the times on that though. Ha.

I have been trying to ween myself off of the meds so I don’t get addicted or dependent. I pay the price at times cause the head pain will come quick and then there is not much I can do to make it leave! I take the meds then, but it might hurt for hours after that regardless. Man, I just want some Dr to figure out why I have the pain & tell me what the hell the cause is so a proper treatment can be established!

Thx everyone for your notes and donations!!! I like hearing from you all!