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I am doing much better and noticing more and more about what changes or effects I am faced. I originally thought only my speech was effected in my motor skills- I just talk slow and sometimes forget what I am even chatting about and………Ha. It is usually pretty funny. That part is getting better though. But here is a new one. I sat down and turned on the PS3 to play some Street Fighter for a little bit. It’s like my daily ritual to take a break. 5 mins or 50 mins. I never know what I feel like. I turned this sucker on and loaded it all up. When it started, Man, my eyes and hands couldn’t keep up with anything. It was so fast!!! I couldn’t believe it. That was a realization and eye opener man. I have gotten better at that too, but sometimes my mind wants to do something and my hands are slow in catching/reacting. I have all these 9 year olds talking trash me and telling me I suck in their new generation slang. Man it sucks! I will be up with the times on that though. Ha.

I have been trying to ween myself off of the meds so I don’t get addicted or dependent. I pay the price at times cause the head pain will come quick and then there is not much I can do to make it leave! I take the meds then, but it might hurt for hours after that regardless. Man, I just want some Dr to figure out why I have the pain & tell me what the hell the cause is so a proper treatment can be established!

Thx everyone for your notes and donations!!! I like hearing from you all!


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Sabin Orr

Welcome! On June 24th 2009, I suffered a Stroke that was the Genius behind this spawning! Here, people can stay in tune with my recovery, make comments to me and each other, share ideas, get involved with fundraiser events, upload and view pictures, make a donation, or just give positive support. This has been such a tragic experience, but the response of friends has been overwhelming. It makes me feel so special that so many people care about the state of my well being. I have a long road to climb and make headway each and every day. Your notes, prayers, and good wishes via email, text, and facebook really gives me strong support in such a positive inspiration. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many caring individuals. Thank You ALL!
(A very special BIG Thanks to Katie McGovern for getting this started!!! Thx Katie:)