So… I wrote a bunch and it got lost. Oh well! It’s not like I don’t have the time. HA!  I have been extremely lethargic. I took Kyle to the airport today at 7 but had to snooze more later. I slept for another 5 hours. Dr. Chamian asked me how I was doing with the pain in my head and what I had for it. I have been taking Dilaudid which I came to find out that I can feel the pain whether I am on it or not. It never really got too painful but I always felt it there. She prescribed me percocet. Man, that stuff will jack you up! I was so mellow and out of it when I took it. I can see why they tell you not to drive! There is no way I could do that… well at least safely ya know. I have a pain in my lower back too! The hits just keep on coming. I think I may need to be adjusted. I am staying low, eating well, and getting plenty of rest. I got a lot of emails, phone calls, and a few personal visits. It all felt really cool and I now have a bunch of you to get back to:) L8r