A bit of a different day for me. The first day that I actually went out on my own! I had to go support Scott & Ali as they got to spin the “Wheel of Fortune” with Pat and Vanna to try and strike it big! I felt good in the start of the day for sure. I was sitting in the audience and began to feel pretty dizzy and alarmed that something might be wrong at that point. Kinda scared and thought of telling the lady next to me of my condition. It managed to leave as quickly as it came and then I was fine. Um… well I was pretty unsettled and gassy the most of the day and crop dustin the audience constantly:) Seriously, my stomach kinda was hurting too. Weird. The head pain grew afterwards as we socialized in a bar at the Venitian for awhile. Only water! I did have more energy as I said, I felt great in the morning compared to previous days.