I must applaud and thank Todd Meggos at the same time for a very well written article that published today in the Alton Telegraph. It’s a unique perspective from a friend that makes many critical points!

A Positive Response to a Tragedy by Todd Meggos

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I have submitted a call to Obama to take recognition of all that has taken place. I need your help!!! Follow this link and at the bottom click on

“people should hear this” and submit it.


Thank You in supporting me and making a difference!!! You are all helping me in ways I never would have imagined!

-Today is a day of rest and hopefully a Cardinals win! Whelp.. That didn’t happen:( The pain is minimal and I think the meds may still be in me from Friday! I was in such an awful feeling state Friday, but have been pretty good since. Resting heart rate is still ranking quite high. Tomorrow, I will make my apts. with the Endocrinologist and new Neurologist. It is like starting over for me. All new dr.s with no prior awareness. I am applying for some more gov. aid as well tomorrow. I have to arrive at 5am…. I will take my meds, food, and a chair as I think a hellacious long day of it is expected.

While sitting outside for apx. 30 min. reading around 2:30pm, I could feel my heart rate slowly climbing. I came inside. Put my heart rate watch on, and it was 140! Hmmm I felt a little dizzy and took a cold shower.  It is now 92.

Chest pains now. That is something new. 3:30pm