The process of new treatment with new Dr.s has begun as I continue to search and fight for a diagnosis. I scheduled an apt. with Dr. Santos, the Neuro, on Aug.10th. and apt. with Dr. Nahtke, an Endocrinologist, was made for Aug. 6th. Both will be consultations and an immense amount of conversation to get them up to current status. I have documentation of all of my tests and results to give them to review & study. Dr. Nahtke will probably schedule some tests immediately for my High Heart rate, low Blood pressure- healthy though. 105 over 65 or so. I also have fluctuating energy levels. This how I have always been though. Being in shape has allowed me to always get by and not give it much thought. Now that I am not active, it is way noticeable though!  The Neuro… well… it will be interesting!

Since last Friday, most of my head pain has been extremely minimal! I have taken no meds for a week now and feeling better!!! I almost get a test of reality:) I went to the dentist today for a cleaning and found myself dizzy laying down… Weird, cause I don’t get it when I get into my floor bed:)

Sorry to those that sent me chat messages today. I mistakingly left it on when I was away from the computer!