Energy level has been really low lately… Not sure what to attribute that to since I rest a ton and eat like a champ. I mean, I eat fruit and veggies everyday and usually have chicken or seafood for my main protein. I only drink water/vitamin water & sometimes decaf coffee. Hopefully the Endo Dr. will have some thoughts to explain this.

I went and obtained copies of the blood tests I have had done at Qwest Diagnostics. I am not a Dr. but from what I can tell,  all things tested OK! High/low in a few categories, but nothing alarming. I can only assume since the Dr. Nguyen didn’t call right away. Good news really. It’s just more things to cross off the list. I did test positive for 2/3 tests under Glycoprotein which indicates I am a risk factor for Thrombis- blood clots. It seems that a Factor II Mutation was performed as well witch showed No Mutation. That result leads to a much less risk of having Thrombophilia- Blood clots but it does not rule out other mutations in the Prothrombin/Factor II gene or other causes of Thrombophilia. Also Neg for Factor V Leiden DNA Mutation. Other tests were done that I have not listed as well.

Simply put, it seems that the risk of my blood producing its own clots is quite slim! Good news.