I am excited for my apt. with the Endocrinologist today! I realize that Dr Nahkle may not be able to do anything, but it should be able to offer me some explanations or at least lead me in the right direction. I have not seen a Dr. regarding all of these issues since July 21st I believe. That is too long for me. The heart rate is still staying quite high IMO. I have noticed it has reached the 60’s lately, but I feel sooooo lethargic when it is there. Most of you probably feel great as you should. I feel normal when it is around the 90’s which is too high. Overall, I have been feeling much better lately! I am still not taking any meds except when the pain requires me too. It is quite seldom though… Very much good news!

Would like to express to everyone how much I appreciate each note of support I receive, donations collected, and overall concern! Your continued support pushes me, lifts me, & drives me to stay positive and believe good will prevail. You all are helping me in your own way! Thank You & feel free to contact me anytime!