I was just told to expect to be at the Mayo Clinic through Thurs. & maybe Friday. I’ll update you all if I have time with posts and my progress as it comes through. I have created a page called Mayo Clinic at the top.

Until then, I have some more interesting news to share.

I met with Dr Nahkle, the endocrinologists, today. He believes that I have symptoms to an Autonomic Dysfunction. There are a few types and it can get complicated Learn more about Autonomic Dysfunction on this site- http://tinyurl.com/4am78c. Basically, everything I have been describing- The head pain, fatigue, high heart rate, lightheadedness, pain in the back of the neck, lack of concentration- they all fall in this category. He is going to run a test tomorrow morning at his office and determine this from there. I won’t explain any prognosis at this time because the severity can vary based on the condition.