Returning to Dr. Nahkle, I performed an Ansar test. It’s 15 mins. of various breathing techniques while sitting and standing. It showed that my heart rate is high but not to the point where they felt danger. Blood Pressure on ave. was 100/60 while sitting. Your Blood Pressure is supposed to lower when you stand and helps the flow regulate to the head from the legs. Well, mine increases. It was an ave. of 128/88. That can explain my lightheadedness, dizziness, high heart rate, spot fatigue, and more. It still does not explain the Stroke or headpain…. not yet at least.  My body is releasing too much Adrenaline or Epinephrine. We typically release it for Fight or Flight scenarios and it also relates to too much Anxiety. The DR. also referred to it as Neuropathy. Learn More here-  This is a condition that also makes me a risk to  ORTHOSTATIC HYPOTENSION. The levels and degree as to how the body is affected can vary greatly.

Learn More here  The Dr. instructed me to take it with me to Mayo next week as they conduct their tests.

–THAT is the 1st test I have done that shows something needs to corrected–