Today is a prep day for my trip to the Mayo Clinic. I hope to get some real answers and find a treatment for what I may be affected with. Hopefully something concrete that is treatable and not life threatening. Yesterday was the 1st real play day I have where alcohol was among many peeps. I was actually really ok with it and did not feel any urge to wanna par take. That was cool to know. I mean, when you are used to attending many events regularly, it has never been a question that I would drink. My mind is clearly focused on the importance of what is at stake. It was good to see the people that I did see at both events! Also, I want give a special thx to Paul for offering to give me a ride and keeping me company at Mayo as well as Liz for helping with hotel accommodations.

I will update the Mayo Page daily and as frequently as possible with all I am undergoing. Thank You for your continued support!