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10:50 am Pacific Time

I have come down a bit from the meds besides what I have here at home. I can now get up with pain and slightly walk. I can only take about 12 inch steps before I feel extreme pain. I pretty much have to lay down and continue to ice for a comfortable relaxing position. My heart rate has been staying pretty high too. It is constantly around 100 even though I feel relaxed here. If I get up to grab a drink or whatever, it hits 125 or so. I imagine it is from the meds I am on. I don’t really feel stressed either.

I will probably try to make it to the chiro today as well. In addition, an MRI may be needed to see what is so out of whack.

Special Thx to Smitty for coming right over and helping me get to the Dr.s! Thx a mil bud. Thx to John & Robin for checkin on quickly as well.

12:50 pm Pacific Time

The call from MAYO CLINIC came with the results and advisement. I have updated the page for you all to read!

Click Mayo Clinic up top or cut/paste the link below for the info

Golf Fundraiser info for Sept. 19th below:

The Sept 19th Fundraiser has been established for Alton. Please download the 2 flyers information as well as donation info needed for silent auction and raffle items. Thank You

Volunteers are needed to work the Fundraiser on Sept 19th!!! If you can help,please contact Kelly McGovern Weirich. Her contact info is on the flyers below. Thank You!

–Download Me–>Golf_Tournament_Reg_Form<–Download Me–

——-Download Me–>Fundraiser_Flyer<——–Download Me–

We are currently at …. $4,863.05                                August 18th, 2009