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11:00 am Pacific

The back is better, but I am still pretty immobile. I should be able to make it today to the chiro and get adjusted. I have made an apt/ with a local Cardiologist for next wed. as well. Small steps…..


I am proud to announce that the Chicago Fundraising Committee has finalized the details for their September 26th event to be held at KinCades!!! Thank you guys for all efforts on my behalf. It means so much that you are working hard in aiding me to recovery! An “Evite” will be established as well for the possible head count. Please feel free to invite anyone that is not on the list when that goes out.

“Sabe” the Date Fundraiser for Sept. 26th Below:

————Download me—> Sabe the Date <—– Download Me—————–

Many and all types of gifts are needed for the fundraisers!!!!! Please download the flyer and get in contact with the appoint person to know where to send things. If you have problems, you may contact me as well. Thank You!