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8:00 am Pacific

As soon as I mention my back getting better, it decides to kick me in teeth and knock me down! Extremely sore yesterday and pretty much crippled me from moving at all until I did some stretching through the pain. That seemed to relieve some of the pressure and I can move around again. I keep icing it as well to keep an swelling from taking place.

I have been wearing a new much better heart rate monitor that was a gift from Jeff Judd. My heart rate still stays near 100 when chillin on the couch, chair, or computer. It jumps to 120-130 when I am walking, climbing stairs or carry something. Semi-normal day to day stuff. I don’t do much besides sit, but I notice that it doesn’t take much for it to jump. So, Wed. I meet with Dr. Mock, a cardiologist to explain the treatment I have had up to this point. I sent a copy of my TEE test to the MAYO Clinic at their request. I also have a copy for myself and Dr. Mock.  Since the 14,000+ MRI’s didn’t show anything, Dr. Aguilar wants to be sure I do not have a PFO= hole in my heart between the left & right atrium. She may request that I come back down and do the TEE there if it doesn’t meet MAYO’s standards. Mayo Dr.s don’t believe that I need to seek clinical treatment from an Endocrinologists, but I am not ruling that out!

So much is going on, but I still have no answers while there is definitely something wrong still!!!!!! I am not the same person I was before. I struggle with many things that are invisible like balance, memory, vision, and more. They are minor, but they aren’t normal. On top of that, the financial aspects grasp me some days and it’s very difficult to snap out of the funk! So, I just want to thank all of whom have donated to this point!!! I am not used to excepting anything from other people besides my family! Your support truly means a lot and is allowing me to fight as hard as I can!