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7:15 am Pacific

From a filled weekend of catching up a with few friends, watching sports, working diligently on my new photo website, taking meds, & online gaming with kids, I’ve got a heavy stacked week to prepare for. I am scheduled with a ton of dr.s and a few lunches with friends. I was reading up on a disease called MoyaMoya that effects our Carotid Arteries. Very rare and it ultimately induces strokes by the fact the artery shrivels over time! Mayo clinic happened to actually call while I was reading too! What are the odds? Anyway, it appears that the TEE test I had performed at St Rose hospital in Las Vegas is what they call “Limited”… That was awesome news to get! So, Dr. Aguilar again wants me to have the repeated TEE to check for a hole in my heart, PFO, that St. Rose tested for back in June by having me indure an incomplete or limited test of shoving a tube down my throat!!! Of course, I am angry, but i assure you it is limited:) ha. Mayo said if the new TEE is negative, then Dr. A wants met to have a Transcranial Doppler. (What if a PFO is shown in a new TEE test? Do I have a case? Look at everything I have endured for 2 months)

The good thing is that I have a scheduled meeting with the Cardiologist this week, Thurs. I am doing a treadmill test though and I am not sure if I’ll be able to speak with Dr. Mock. This new mayo info may postpone or change the test Dr. Mock was scheduling for me to check for a PFO. Hopefully I can get in though. He leaves town on the 10th and I’m out on the 15th… Not enough Days.

I am having an MRI on my back  Tues. morning to find some more information about my chronic reoccuring back injury. It’s doing much better now though. It’s still sore though, but not crippling.