September has hit. Which means, the Alton Golf Fundraiser is less than 3 weeks away!

Now, I know that many of you are planning on playing in the tourney. Well, at least, I have heard a lot of peeps saying they are getting a team together and are planning on playing. Some have signed up, but not many. The thing is, only 36 teams can play. There was a suspicion that wouldn’t be enough, but with spots still open, it might be just right. Here’s the thing, Kelley is in charge of gathering all the teams together prior and I think it would be nice if she didn’t get bombarded  at the last minute with team/registrations (the committee is also trying to plan for prizes, food, beer, etc! Sending in your team the week of and then showing up to find out there wasn’t enough room is not a good situation for anyone.

So, I urge you to please get signed up this week if you would like to play. At the very least, email here and notify her of your team. That will help the committee in preparing for needed items through out the day. Ultimately though, you have to get in your registration form to have a team. Again, please do that as soon as possible. It will help the committee in their planning greatly! Thx.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones to not get a spot, remember that many will be there hanging out during the day, and the “after party” planned as well. It’s an all day event filled with tons of people you may have not seen for eons! So, come and hang out & enjoy the day. More importantly, your presence and support is what counts whether you tee off or not.

You can download the flyer/registration form below for the events that the committee has made. Let me or one of the contacts on the flyer, facebook page, or fundraising page know if you have any questions and we’ll lead ya in the right direction. Also, feel free to pass this along to any and all cause I don’t have very many emails/correct emails etc.


Golf Fundraiser info for Sept. 19th below:

The Sept 19th Fundraiser has been established for Alton. Please download the 2 flyers information as well as donation info needed for silent auction and raffle items. Thank You

Volunteers are needed to work the Fundraiser on Sept 19th!!! If you can help,please contact Kelly McGovern Weirich. Her contact info is on the flyers below. Thank You! This a link to the Alton Face Book  Event

–Download Me–>Golf_Tournament_Reg_Form<–Download Me–

——-Download Me–>Fundraiser_Flyer<——–Download Me–

“Sabe” the Date Fundraiser for Sept. 26th Below:

The September 26th event has been established to be held at KinCades!!!  An“Evite” and “Face Book Event” was email and posted as well for the possible head count. Please feel free to invite anyone that is not on the list when that goes out. Thank You This a link to the Chicago Face Book Event

————Download me—> Sabe the Date V.2<—– Download Me—————–

Many and all types of gifts are needed for the fundraisers!!!!! Please download the flyer and get in contact with the appoint person to know where to send things. If you have problems, you may contact me as well. Thank You!

We are currently at …. $5,465.21                                Sept 1st, 2009