This past Saturday was a huge success as well! I can’t express how overwhelming and great it made me feel. So many people to thank and not enough time to do it. Those 3 hours flew by! It would have been great to spend 3 hours with each person there instead of the few minutes I had!  I have to send out a special thanks to all of my friends (Chicago Committee) for their fantastic work on doing this. A lot of time & dedication is needed and it Shined through in proof. The gifts & prizes for the event were so good! I mean- Wow! Everything was stellar man. The committee should really be proud of what they accomplished! I know I am extremely proud of them. That goes for everyone that has reached out to me in many areas of the world too! These 2 events makes me feel so privileged to have such caring & supportive people in my corner backing me through this entire episode, inconvenience, journey (or whatever I am facing) while I fight to reach a certain point of normalcy. I hope that everyone had a great time there. It was like a mini reunion of Alton, SIU peeps, & several SIU Pikes. I’ll upload the pics I have soon on my facebook page & I encourage everyone else to do the same. Thx again to everyone for coming to both events, sending gifts & donations, and mostly for being a great friend!

As for me, I am getting the head pain from time to time. It is always in the same spot, but slightly moved from it’s previous position when it was so painful. It doesn’t raise any alarms nor stay for a long time usually. Like 10-20 min. A few times it has lingered longer but not excruciating. The recent visit to the ER a few weeks back I didn’t even have any head pain. I am familiar enough, now, to know if it needs medical attention.

I had all my medical docs sent Dr. Carpenter at Barnes Jewish hospital in StL. He has reviewed everything except my Mayo clinic MRI/A’s of  my head, neck, and chest. His office called me yesterday to schedule an apt. I made it clear that I did not want to see him if he did not have anything new to bring to the table since I am a cash patient. I would prefer not to waste my own time, paying time, and take time away from someone in need. They said that is not the case and he definitely want to see me! So, that is kind of exciting. The apt. is Oct 5th. Now, if he has nothing new for my $500 session, that will not be good news for him. Just saying… I will not be happy.