I am still ready high from the past 2 events! I just can not get over the great turnout at both & how much my friends did to get everything together. This past weekend I was at Chris Cotey & Wendy Schwab’s wedding which was a great time as well. Congrats again you 2! Participating in that really wore me out once the evenings came. I was not drinking or anything until the nights were almost over. I mean, when I thought they were almost over. I am not supposed to drink, but only in moderation and ideal times. So, I only had a couple glasses of red wine. At that point, I was completely relaxed and bushed. I am like a cheap date when it comes to partying!

I have an apt with Dr. Carpenter, a neurologist, at Washington Univeristy/Barnes Jewish Hosipital in St. Louis on Monday Oct 5th. I sent Dr. C all of my records to review first which he did.I expressed to his Physicians Asst. that I am a cash patient and do not want to come in for him to say that he can do nothing. I would rather he spent that time with somebody else that needs it!

Although, I have been feeling head pain more regularly now, but it is much minor than before. It comes at all times of the day and usually is in the same spot. back of the head, BUT on the left side. The pain before and after the stroke was on the right side in the back of my head. This time it is like a pulsing pain instead of a constant pain and much less intense. It does not last long either though. minutes really. Another thing to note, my extremities get really cold easy. My hands always chilled out. It’s easy to point to the blood thinners I am taking on the fact that I have been living in the desert for 3 years. The midwest is only moderately cold too. When I snowboard though, my toes would always get extremely cold real fast in the past. My equipment is not weak either.

I am pumped for this apt. to hear what he may think are areas to look into. If he has nothing new…. I will probably let he and his team know how dissatisfied I am for taking advantage of me & my complicated case and not utilizing it for someone else in need.