Well… That appointment was a complete waste!!! I am so frustrated. I mean, the first question Dr. Carpenter asked me was, “What can I do for you? What’s the problem?” Are you serious??? I had 3 phone conversations with stating that I was a cash patient, traveling to see him, and did not want to unless he had something new to bring to the table! He had nothing. Nothing!!!! Why did he even see me? Knowing that I was a cash patient? Hell, maybe he didn’t know. Poor communication in their office. I’ve had way too many doctor visits getting the same responses. He even started speculating with saying he was. I am, UGH, so pissed! He could have been helping someone else instead of taking advantage of me and doing more unnecessary billing! He said that it wasn’t a waste of time… I asked him it was a good use of time then and he only repeated things that were in my case or that I already new. He didn’t go over it prior as I was told and it was evident. I am just going to become a neurologist and have a practice called No B.S. Neurology~! Seriously, why not.

Needless to say… I am fuming man!