After yesterdays debacle, I have cooled down and mellowed out a bit. It got me thinking though for sure! Unfortunately, the pain in my head is more constant than I want it to be. I am able to identify these feelings and know the difference between a headache, migraine, or stroke related pain. This is for sure stroke related pain. It is in a different spot, much less intense than the head pain before the stroke, and it feels slightly different. This one seems like pulsates with my heart beat. Not always though. It can just remain constant. The other thing is that it actually goes away. Compared to the past when I had the stroke and immediately after, it was always constant and never went away. Now, Dr’s have said that I may feel that for awhile, but I don’t feel comfortable with that response. That just seems like they are speculating and don’t really have a clue! Which is true, a lot of times, they just don’t know. Again, I believe there is something going on… Hopefully not though! But, knowing that I can still put my head in an akward position to initiate dizziness, lack of concentration, and disorientation, is enough reassurance that I should have concern and believe what I do.

Where do I go from here??? All Dr’s I have met to this point have no answers and no where to turn. There are always tests that can be run, but if there is not a good reason as to why, I am not going to do it. That will just run the bills up even more. I need a University Dr. Really, I just need a Dr. that is willing to put some heavy time into this case and do some quality research. I spend a lot of time looking things up and gathering information, but I don’t have the knowledge or experience that Dr’s have. I am getting there though!!! Once I return to Vegas, I am gonna have to go on a mission to find a quality Neuro to explain all the specifics. I feel like a high draft pick in need of a Scott Boras or something! Ya know, somebody that is going to fight with me and for me! Ha