Things have calmed down quite a bit since the 2 fundraisers have come and gone. I had my awful apt. with Dr. Carpenter at Wash U. in St. Louis that went nowhere. I have sort of hit a cross roads. I mean, I feel much better and have regained many areas of my body and mind back to a functional state. I am holding strong to the strict diet and still taking blood thinners (aspirin). My heart rate is still high, I still get lethargic spells at akward times,  & my head pain is actually back. It’s not like before, but very similar. I have had it for 2 plus weeks now. It much less intense and just to the left of where it was prior to the stroke. It comes and goes everyday unlike before when it was constant. Nothing seems to be associated with it from what I can tell; like stress, being tired, hungry, etc.

I have an appointment scheduled with a new Neurologist here in Las Vegas on Dec. 1st. His name is Dr. Cohen. He is actually more of vascular neurologist which studies more of the diseases that can affect the nervous system and disorders of the veins and arteries.

I have also started another fundraiser via The website could be a huge benefit to any of you in need without going to the exstent that I have with this one. Basically, you can tell your story, or a family member’s story, best friend, etc. You can even set it up for a group or an organization. For instance, A lady was in need of a transplant and received over $40,000! Dang!

I have set mine up as Now, people can of course still contribute through this site, but I thought that having another couldn’t hurt. Plus, you find yourself wanting to help others cause there are tons of fundraisers on there, or you may want to set one up for someone you know. THE KEY is to spread the word of the fundraiser website as much as you can through your email contacts, twitter, facebook, etc.

Thank all of you that have supported me from the early on by making a difference in your own way!!! I am doing pretty well but still fighting and still scared until answers are given and the pain is no more. I mean, I was complete fine before the stroke on June 24th besides the head pain. Well, here I am again in almost the same situation…. The unknown is scary.