After a hiatus, I am back. I have not written for a couple weeks because I have had visitors in Las Vegas, but mainly because I have not been sure what to share with everyone. I feel like i do not have great news to gossip about these days. It’s eating at me too. I like having a project to work on and it seems like I can never have just one!!! I am slowly getting back into photo. I’d like to gain some clients in the Chicago, StL. & midwest region so I can have more visits back home. Being in that area really helped my moral. my photo website has been revamped as well. Have a look and pass it on to any one that commissions photo freelancers or works for Ad, marketing, design agencies and magazines.

My head has been pain free for over a week now! Kinda funny how it comes and goes. hopefully its a goner for sure this time. My energy levels have picked up a bit too. I have been sticking to the strict diet with a few cheats here and there but they are mild far between one another. No caffeine, No Alcohol, No red meat, and Low to No salt. That translate into low sugar and low fat.  Try that if you wanna lose wait. I have lost 30lbs and I was a guy that didn’t need to lose more than 5-10 max! I am still taking blood thinners too.

I have a Neurologist apt. Dec 1st here in Vegas. I’ve never seen him and I’ve gotten to the point of not expecting anything from him. I need someone local and familiar with the case that wants to stay active with it. His name is Dr. Cohen. He is actually more of vascular neurologist which studies more of the diseases that can affect the nervous system and disorders of the veins and arteries.

I have always said from the beginning that I would want to help other people and not have this just about me. It took some friends to tell me over and over to just focus on yourself for now. For the  last month I have been brainstorming and pre-conceptualizing what kind of  non for profit charity organization I could see myself building. 2 ideas have arisen that can work with together. Without going into them, let me just tell you what I need presently.

I am looking for a web designer developer that can work in flash and do shopping carts. If interested, please contact me and we can explore what I expect and will need. Compensation, if any, may come in many ways. It can all be hashed out.

I have many battles still with finances and understanding my future, but will save those words for another day. Congrats to all friends that have recently had new additions to their families!