I hope all had a nice Halloween weekend. I didn’t hit any ghouls or ghosts shindig. I actually did some research and watched a gang load of sports.

I received response letter from Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus the other day. Good to know that my words are not falling on deaf ears! Responding 4 1/2 mons after I wrote it is a bit tardy, but better late than never. She can not help out monetary wise, but forwarded my case onto the Consumer Health Assistance, Bureau for Hospitals Patients. The letter was dated Nov. 2nd and I got a call from them on the 4th. Congresswoman Titus must have put urgency on this! They explained that they do not pay any bills off but look for other means as well as contact the entities owed and negotiate on your behalf. These Hospitals, Billing Depts. Specialists, Labs, etc. want to be paid upon receipt of the bill and do not waste time. A lot of what the Bureau said they would do is what I have done and what many of you have helped me do with fundraising, applications, phone conversations, etc. It’s good to know these places exist…. but there may only be a little they can do because I (we) have done so much all ready.

Dina Titus Letter

I currently have 2 applications to fill out for 2 bills to try and get some discount established. One of them I was all ready denied for but had another conversation with them and they said to reapply with the new info.

I have always said from the beginning that I would want to help other people and not have this just about me. It took some friends to tell me over and over to just focus on yourself for now. For the  last month I have been brainstorming and pre-conceptualizing what kind of  non for profit charity organization I could see myself building. 2 ideas have arisen that can work with together. Without going into them, let me just tell you what I need presently.

I am looking for a web designer developer that can work in flash and do shopping carts. If interested, please contact me and we can explore what I expect and will need. Compensation, if any, may come in many ways. It can all be hashed out.

I have many battles still with finances and understanding my future, but will save those words for another day. Congrats to all friends that have recently had new additions to their families!


From IL. United States Senator Richard J Durbin

Dear Mr. Orr

Thank You for writing me regarding your brother, Sabin Orr. Although faced with obstacles, Sabin’s unwavering positive attitude towards life is truly inspiring.

Unfortunately, due to the large amount of requests I receive for contributions, I am unable to make a donation. I do wish you the best of luck with your endeavors and hope Sabin continues to inspire others to never give up.

Best wishes to you, your family, and your friends.

Sincerely- Dick Durbin, United States Senator