I have a new slightly different pain emmerging. It has always been the center back of my head at the base of the skull. It favored the right side just a touch. I suppose that is understood since I talked and described it so much. For several days, weeks, periods of time, I have felt and stated to most that I am pain free. That is not always the case and I should do better about documenting here as I have in the past. I’ve been wanting to write everyday but feel that I really don’t have new info to share. I am not seeing any Dr.s on a regular basis, no new research to look into, and no new theories to explore. Anyway, I get these intense yet brief numbing pains now. They are are the left back side of my head, but can almost feel like the entire left side of my head. it may only last about 3-5 secs and then it goes away. It seems odd that it would effect that large of an area. I understand that it may be residual effects from the previous stroke, but I am overly concerned about any and all abnormal head feelings I get! I have not gotten dizzy or lightheaded since my last trip to the hospital. I believe… know that was caused again by my head position & have not been in that situation since. How many times does anyone tilt their head back and slightly left??? Heck, it could be something new by now. I just don’t know.