The last few days the pain has persisted more than normal. Maybe I am paying more attention to it than normal. Doubt it though! It all never goes unnoticed ya know. It has become a way of life these past months. It would be nice to know the reasoning rather then constant guessing by myself and doctors included. Is it a clot that slowly moves and the pounding pain comes from blood pressure? Maybe it is residual effects from the Stroke? What about the feelings I had prior then? Maybe THESE are new residuals! Ha. Stress, anxiety, money??? Dam, everybody should have these pains then! Ha. I only feel this on the left side and never the right. It is kind of all over too. Also, I ¬†remember when I was in the 5+ hour waiting room at St. Rose, the pain was extremely intense. Harsher than anything ever! Tooth aches, ear aches, back pain… Non of them put a dent in that day! Anyway, the pain that day had circumvented my entire left side even hough the damage was occurring in the base. Something isn’t right….