I’ve had a great time catching up and reminiscing with family, many close friends, and many old friends over this Thanksgiving. It was cool running into so many of you & having the chance to personally thank you for sending me your words of encouragement, donations, support, kind words and care! Memories are sparked constantly reminding me that I have an overwhelming support group of hundreds of amazing people… I mean friends!!! It was also cool to answer your questions about the experience of the stroke and what my my next steps are. Which is hard to say at this point, since I have exercised so many options. It’ll be nice to see what Dr. Cohen has to say from the vascular neurology side. Hopefully, it may ring some bells of familiarity or push him to dig deep for answers. I’ve yet to find a Neurologist that has that fire to fight and search with me… as most of you know!

My head has continued to be unpredictable with the pain coming and going, mild to intense, back left-to left side- to left top. Basically, the whole left side. No sensations, stress, hunger, tired, alertness, diet, or anything effects it. Ya know like if you have a sinus headache at night and the lights from an oncoming car makes it seem more intense. Yah, I got none of that. Most of the time, it really has been pretty mild and I can function with it, but it still makes me worried in the back of my mind. Without answers or an idea of what is wrong, I know that there still is possibility of something traumatic happening again.

I’ll be on the cover and the feature story of a magazine in Las Vegas this Thurs! Pretty cool. I am usually photographing these subjects instead of being the subject. I am excited to read the article and hear everyone’s responses. Hopefully this story helps raise awareness with others, teaches people tons from my experience, and enables readers to see all the positiveness that has occurred from such a tragic amount of circumstances.