Sabin Orr as the Cover for Las Vegas Weekly

It is so much different being on the other side of the camera for a specific reason… I am used to being the photographer rather than the subject. Subject is the key word, because I was really comfortable in that environment. I mean its mine. why wouldn’t I?  I am used to feeling excited to see how the images I took were applied to the cover, feature, article. This time I had the not knowing feeling of all three since I was the subject! It had me  wondering how someone else sees it, hears it, & comprehends it. I want people to feel the true essence of what I experienced. Learn from all the unpredictable manutia. Become better prepared in case something tragic happens to them, a friend, or a loved one. Everyday was a full blown story in itself!!! Jumping from brain damage, family/friend concerns, relearning mobility skills, being dizzy, sleeping constantly, answering phone calls-emails-texts-facebook & hearing the shock in everyones voice or writing because they can not believe what had just happened. Me too! The greatest thing, for me, was the overwhelming amount of friendship support!!! I will never forget how so many of you helped me in ways that you may not unfortunately ever understand. You all gave me strength daily to maintain my positive outlook.

If you have not read the article, I encourage you to do so!!! The link is below. I can not thank T.R. Witcher enough!!! He did a great job and I can tell he put in all the hard work this story deserves. I love the way he puts my situation into context by relating it to many other entities of the health care systems with facts & examples.

Story links:

Once again, I thank all of you for your mega loads of support and generous donations!!!

Shoot for the weekly. Photo by Beverly Poppe

My research and search continues for the launch of my future non profit organization as well. I am in search of web designer/application programmer. It’ll be a heavy project.

I am slowly getting back into photo. I’d like to gain some clients in the Chicago, StL. & midwest region so I can have more visits back home. Being in that area really helped my moral. My photo website has been revamped as well. Have a look and pass it on to any one ANYWHERE that commissions photo freelancers or works for Ad, Marketing, Design Agencies and Magazines.