Since the release of the article in the Las Vegas Weekly by T.R. Witcher, I have gotten some sincere responses from many. Some uplifting (even though I am not down), some praising my positive attitude, some inspirational, but all warm felt! This entry is a dedication to all of you. To the 100 hundreds of supporters that have always been in my corner- To the close and not so close friends- To the familiar & to the strangers- It doesn’t matter. In this long duration of crisis, recovering, and unknowing, there are no walls, no boundaries, or no limitations. Equally, you have all shown your own amount of compassion, sympathy, & empathy to my case. Still, to this day, it is completely overwhelming to receive the amount of support in the fashion that all of you have given and expressed. Whether verbally, monetarily, or medically, you have helped me in your own way. It’s like I have a union of groupies. Only you don’t expect to be entertained, you insist on being the entertainer. I am lucky to have myself surrounded by so many people with such caring souls. I must have over a thousand messages saying do not hesitate to ask for anything. Problem is, I used to have to hesitate because I didn’t  know what to ask for. In going forward, the 1 thing that I ask is your continued friendship. I have cherished that more than anything during this endeavor. For a peace of mind, please know that I am feeling and doing well recently!

I am slowly getting back into photo. I’d like to gain some clients in the Chicago, StL. & midwest region so I can have more visits back home. Being in that area really helped my moral. Given that, I am always looking for more in the Las Vegas area where I reside. My photo website has been revamped as well. Have a look and pass it on to any one ANYWHERE that commissions photo freelancers or works for Ad, Marketing, Design Agencies and Magazines.


We are currently at …. $6,930.930

Dec 10th, 2009