I apologize for not being as persistent with updates as I was in the past. The fact of the matter is that I felt like I didn’t have any news worthy updates to post regularly… that’s because, for the most part, I have not been experiencing episodes of pain, dizziness, headaches, etc. I have been actually feeling pretty well. Given that, I do still go through all the ailments as before. They are just not on a regular basis. The occurrences are more often to a few times a week rather than every day. It’s my feeling that will subside to weeks, then months, and hopefully years-to never!

Here is a note a wrote down about 4-5 weeks ago and was one of the more severe :

“For the past minutes…I am experiencing a dizziness feeling while at the computer this morning. It’s been quite some time since I have had anything remotely close to this besides the stroke & TIA’s. It feels like being on a hope (I meant boat) that rocks back and forth. Also, I have to be looking at the keyboard (in order not to fall over or outta my chair). My head and neck is straight on and my head does not hurt right now, but my space-balance-orientation feeling is definetly skewed.”

I continue to keep a positive attitude and not stress over anything in almost all situations…. besides the passing of my father. That’s a different tale! I am consistent with my low salt, no red meat, no caffeine, no alcohol besides some red wine, low sat fat, and low sugar. I work out about 4-6 days a week focusing on cardio, weights, & core strength. I’ve gained a few Lbs. that I lost in muscle and some fat. I got to 4% body fat and looking a bit emaciated… like Danny Walhberg from 6th sense! I’d take my shirt of and post a pic, but there are way too many chics that read this:) LMAO! Plus, Charlize would might winch;)

My Run

Since I  have been going to the gym regularly post stroke does and working different areas to to strengthen my heart, blood flow, and core for my chronic back, I having been feeling cool. I decided to try out running outside for distance and gage how I do. This is not something I ever did for fun. I only ran in the past when a sports ball was involved or I was being chased by the law:) ha ha. Naw really, not might thing to do… But I had an urge to do it. My stamina was killer. I never felt like I was breathing hard! Surprising… My legs, feet, and toes… different story. They were stiff and sore about 1/2 way into it. I was determined to finish and not stop to walk. I kept telling myself how thankful I was to be alive, I have another day, loving and thanking all of my friends, continue to take care of myself, keep pushing-keep pushing-keep pushing. Thing was, it was really pretty easy. OK…. What is your guess on distance and time??? Remember, I haven’t done this in over a year easy!!!  More like 5+ yrs. I only run when….. ya know. 1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles…. I did 3.8  Miles AND it only took me 34 min. I am mega proud of that!!! I know my legs won’t be & I also know I won’t do it again for quite sometime. Plus I got some fat ass blisters on my toes! Ouch.

Lastly, many people from the Riverbend area of Alton/St.Louis as well as many other areas came together to support me in a time of need that I will forever be grateful for. It’s time once to show support and take a few minutes not to support me, but to aid children of that community. Alton has an extensive heritage that I am proud to represent. The town has a chance to win a PEPSI contest for 250,000 to

Build a youth center for education /entertainment in the RiverBend.

Please take a moment to follow this link and place your vote for the Riverbend Children AND when you are done, push others to do the same. Post the link in your facebook status/twitter account or copy and paste mine in yours.


We are currently at ….


Apr 23th, 2010