Today is the Anniversary date! Not sure if that’s what ya call it or what not. Plus, I’m not really sure what to do about it. I mean, it’s not something that I wanna celebrate. I kinda do, but what exactly am I celebrating??? That I am alive? That would be like cheating on my birthday wouldn’t it? ha ha. Joking aside, It is a date of significance for obvious reasons. I have persevered and fought with many obstacles… some are finished and some are still lingering (I’ll explain here later)

Once again, I THANK all of you for coming to my side in each of your own ways!!! Some texted, emailed, phoned, etc everyday while it pulled others out of the wood works that I have not seen or spoken to in many years. Countless words of encouragement that I took to heart and used as pure fuel to stay positive. What can I say about the 2 fundraising committees that formed??? WOW! You guys should be so proud of what you accomplished! I obviously was, but it was an eye opener to see and say what genuinely friends I have. It was simply shocking and mind-blowing to be the recipient of so much work. That holds true to all of you as well that made donations on here, at the events, or in person to me!!! That money has and did make a huge difference. Plus, I am still utilizing, what’s left, today. This story is very Hollywood Esk because of all the avenues it hit… Young Stroke Victim, Insurance, Hospital Ethics, Humanitarianism, Donations, Debts, No Answers/Reason, Pain, Drugs, Various Medical Facilities, This website, other websites, and more and more.

Recently, I had a visit with the Hematologist, Dr Nguyen (blood dr.) & a Neurologist, Dr. Cohen. Of the mounds of blood work I’ve had done & I mean a ton! One of the main reasons I see Dr. Nguyen regularly is to keep an eye on my white blood cell count because it is low. 3.5 in July 09, 3.8 in  Dec 09 and 3.9 in June 10 with a reference range of 4.8 – 10.8. The other reasons are to stay aware and preventative because of the cardiovascular blood diseases and such are evident throughout my Father’s side.

The Dr. Cohen visit went something like this: I have not been to a Neurologist in almost 6 mons & he was the last one that I saw that had not said there is nothing they can do. He also agreed with Dr. Aguilar at Mayo clinic and believed I suffered a Vertebral Artery Dissection (which I disagreed with) and told me to carry on normally… He walks in and goes, “I thought I told you I didn’t want to see ya anymore:)” I told him that I really didn’t want to see him either!!! Touche. The fact of the matter is that these head pains are still persisting and in the last 2 months have become more frequent or more intense. They are always, again, in the back of my head at the base. It’s now slightly to the left, as before, it was slightly right. Sometimes it ranges up to the crown but usually stays pretty consistent to the base. Before, prior to the stroke, the pain would sometimes create a horn like shape and hurt in the front right of my forehead. Also, I’ve had a few dizzy episodes that were just like when I suffered the stroke. So, familiarity is there to notice the difference from these types of feelings and I unfortunately too familiar to know the difference.

After the Q/A session, he was taken back to learn that these symptoms are persisting and gradually getting worse… He then said that pretty much disproves the Vertebral Artery Dissection (Thank You!) and wants me to have an MRA from the Aorta (Chest) to the head as well as an MRI on my head. Which is exactly what I wanted. I was glad that he felt it was necessary instead of me requesting it. Meds are an option for the pain, but I do not want mask the pain (or take daily pills) because this is my only alarm to be aware that something is wrong. Plus, these drugs I got are heavy hitters man! They jack me up! I am not waiting-They should call me this week for an apt and the tests should take place in a matter of a few weeks- I hope!

I appreciate all the support you have shown me this past year & the continued support you give!